The Search For A Church Management System: Part 3

Discovery: What are our existing needs and future needs?

This post is very straightforward. It's a 'well duh' moment.

How do you discover your organisations existing needs? You spend a lot of time talking with as many leaders and users of your current system. Take time to listen. Get typing on your laptop. 

You'll especially need to talk to your senior leadership to find out how they see your church in near future will be growing or changing. Again spend lots of time here. Type. Write. Just get it all down.

Now you have a picture (spreadsheet) of the past, present and hopefully what your future needs may (not will) be. You can never guarantee the future, but don't let that stop putting a plan together anyway. 

Strategy tips: Take time and listen to your leaders. This will enable a smoother transition to a new system because they will feel that you understand and listened to what they needed. Don't forget your admin staff. They are the oil that makes for a smooth running organisation. Ignore them at your peril.

In the next 3 posts I'll be expanding on:

3) The search: Options. There are many different ChMS around. We looked at different 'oranges', and tossed out the lemons. And yes there were a few zesty lemons out there.

4) Review and shortlist: Which is the best ChMS fit? Will the ChMS answer the brief? Will it meet existing and future needs. Lemon tossing time. And also some orange tossing too.

5) Recommendations: Which is the closest glove to our hand.

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