Management guru, Gary Hamel on his blog in the Wall Street Journal talks about the importance of good design and how companies under-utilise the power and potential of good design to create a point of difference against their competitors and build a better business.

Churches also under-utilise the power and potential of good design, often for different reasons. 

  • For some its a lack of knowledge and education.
  • For others its a cultural cringe. How can a church have good design and be a real church. Isn't it selling out?
  • Some churches go overboard and over design everything and end up looking a bit overdressed for the occasion.

Don't make the same mistake. Good design:

  1. Has the potential to change the way people view your church. Perception is everything. Design has the potential to change the way someone from a negative to a positive.
  2. Has the power to surprise people. I believe the Church has the potential to be the most creative force on the planet. I still stand in awe at that I can to be a part of jaw dropping moments. Have the courage to be creative. It could change someone's eternity.
  3. Is competent. People expect a certain standard of design, fall below that standard and you reinforce stereotypes that churches are outmoded and relics of the past.
  4. Is clear and simple. It should be communicated in with brevity. People don't want fancy over the top design from churches. They are looking for authenticity, simplicity and clarity.

What good design and bad design experiences have you had?

Do you believe good design can be used as a force for the gospel?

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