I've been overwhelmed and humbled with the generosity of many people from all over the world taking the time to tweet or email their thoughts through about church marketing myths.

Throughout this week I'll be posting many different church marketing myths.

The aim of this series is to create debate. Find the truth. You may strongly agree or disagree. Get vocal. But be nice.

I've combined similar thoughts into a mega-myth to start the series.

Myth #1: Church Marketing is evil. It degrades God. It isn't biblical. Marketing is for business, not the church.

My thanks to Kerry Bural, Ron Edmondson, Brett Borders, DavidLermy and to Tom Harper from ChurchCentral, and Jeff Hook from FellowshipOne for their ideas. (You'll hear more from Brett Borders and Jeff Hook later in the week.)

Jeff explains his thought on the myth, that church marketing degrades God. He writes:

Some people believe that "Church marketing" is not "God marketing." In a sense, God's marketing is controlled by God and has been since Genesis 1. Thought of another way, God is the same at every church. A church cannot differentiate God. People do not go to a certain church because it's God is better. With church marketing, a church is attempting to communicate to its target what it is trying to be. The community then decides whether the church's mission is valid and that it's execution of it's mission is being successful towards the brand by attendance and eventually giving to its purpose.

What do you think? Remember, get vocal. Be nice.

Is church marketing evil?

Does it degrade God?

Is it not biblical or not?

Should marketing only be for business and not the church?

Get commenting below and start the debate.

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