Church Marketing Myth #2: Churches Shouldn't Spend Money On Marketing 

Sandra Cavello's myth: 'Churches shouldn't spend a great deal of money on marketing, it's extravagant'. Fact – Communicating the church is alive and exists in your neighbourhood should be part of a churches' evangelism focus. If someone comes to your church as a result of your marketing techniques, the question should be what price do you place on one soul?


Huw Tyler's myth: We shouldn't invest in marketing. Fact: Spending no money on marketing is a far bigger risk than spending lots.


Brandon Cox's myth: 'Since the gospel is timeless, let's just keep doing what we're doing'. The gospel certainly is timeless, but the perceptions and understandings of people outside the church are always changing. We always have the right answer – the gospel – but sometimes we use it to answer questions that aren't being asked anymore.'


Bob Roberts Jr's myth: A mailer, good music, and a sermon is enough to grow your church.


Steve Kryger's myth: Marketing is minor.


Jim Gray's myth: Cheap and free is the best way to go.


What do you think? Should church spend money on marketing?

There are millions of people in the world who don't have the basics of life, is marketing extravagant?

Is a mailer, a good sermon and music alone enough to grow a church?

Get commenting below and start the debate.

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