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Chris Brogan is a blog guru. No doubt about that. A gazillion subscribers on his blog. Even more on his twitter feed.

What happens when a guy like that shows up at’s internet campus? Chris writes about his experience on his blog. (Chris says he’s not religious, but he’s curious. Which makes me happy because I’m not religious either.)

There were four communication principles from that I took away from Chris’s post:

1) People look at church through their own lense. Chris loves techie things and its not surprising then that he writes mainly about the technology side of church while absorbing the spiritual essence of the message.

2) People are surprised (and become more engaged) when speakers use the normal words. Poop. There I said it. Pastor Craig Groeschel said poop in his message and Chris related well to his use of normal everyday language. I think we all want speakers to connect and understand what we are facing everyday in our lives.

3) There is a pulse in online church. Some Christian leaders I’ve spoken to about online church have poo-pooed it. (yeah! I said poo too) They are highly sceptical about online churches ability to help people connect and make disciples. Chris felt warm and invited. What a great start to his church online journey.

4) Online church feels normal for wired people. For people who spend alot of time online going to church online doesn’t feel (that) weird. Even if it is their first time.

Chris, if you ever read this post, thanks for being so honest in your post. I hope you continue in your spiritual journey

How about you, what did you think of Chris’s post? How effective do you think online church is?


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