I love seeing how companies use social media to drive new and existing business to them. I've a advocate that churches can do exactly the same (obviously for different kinds of results). In Australia Facebook is the new market place where people meet (Twitter is lagging behind). I been blogging a bit about Facebook recently because of this. A week or so ago I blogged about 10 best practice tips for churches using Facebook (from the best of the best).

The goal in all of these campaigns is to foster interaction with the brand through an offer of some kind. Which eventually leads to a sale, or to a lesser extent an increase in brand awareness. I especially like the Nandos campaign. Here are the 13 social media campaigns.

Churches and many high profile Pastors can learn from these campaigns. Social media communication is about interaction, not transmission. The high street is now a two way communication street. If someone:

  1. Comments or asks you a question on your Facebook page - interact.
  2. Follows your church or your Pastor on Twitter - follow them back.
  3. Asks you a question on Twitter - respond.

It shows that you are just as interested in them as they are you. Oh, and actually BE interested. Authenticity rocks in social media.

What social media tips do you have for others? We an all learn from each other! Get commenting below.

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