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There will be a point in the near or distant future where you will need to make the decision to change the way you are communicating.

It may mean that you have to delete your church's Facebook or Twitter accounts (shock horror). Or even one of your more obvious communication channels like your printed weekly bulletin.

I can imagine what you are thinking right now. Have you had one latte too many?

Write this statement down and put it on your monitor

I heard a great statement the other day which is the inspiration for this post. We should be in love with the vision, married to our mission, but dating our models. Often we fall in love with the way we are doing things and marry them. When in fact we should be married to why we are doing them.

I know I've been guilty of this. I've fallen in love with stuff I've created and I've given more value to it because of this fact and not stopped it when it wasn't working. I've failed to recognise that I should be married to the why behind the what, rather than to the what.

We need to date our plans, strategies, models or methodologies because it gives us permission to evaluate their effectiveness. Because there are some things that once were incredibly effective, but aren't now nearly as effective as they once were.

Every plan, model, methodology of yours (and mine) no matter how brilliant you think it is has a life span. At some point it will die a natural death.

Ask yourself this burning question

(I'm asking myself this question against everything we are currently doing.)

Is your existing communication plan, strategy, channel, method helping or hindering your cause?

If your answer is yes. Then keep it (but only date it). If the answer is no then maybe it's time to write that 'Dear John' letter and break up.

Okay. Honesty session. What are you in married to? Get commenting below.