I just had the 'noise factor' land in my letterbox courtesy of American Express.

I ordered some American Express rewards as I have over the years accumulated quite a few points and decided to treat my wife for her birthday (shhhhsssh she doesn't know yet 😉

I ordered the 3 items from the same person over the phone which was fine, but today I received 3 letters from American Express. The 3 letters were exactly the same and were designed to make me feel special for ordering the rewards, but because Amex's system obviously wasn't designed to cope with ordering multiple items it sent me the same letter (with the product individualised) 3 times.

What was meant to make me feel special made me feel like they were faking it and had the complete opposite effect. #FAIL

I think all of us who serve in churches have to pay special attention to any responses (automated or not) and systems we have place, because while our goal is to connect and help someone take a 'next step', often because someone is slightly outside the box we stuff up which makes them feel like we are faking it to them and don't really care.

What communication pieces have you seen out there that don't connect?