There are contrasting opinions about the effectiveness of churches, denominations and faith’s promoting their message and advertising through billboards.

I’ve heard many people use the argument that churches should be using their money to help poor and needy people rather than advertising. I personally don’t believe it is an either or proposition.

I’ve seen many churches use it for the oddest things and many times a billboard has been the wrong medium to use (Here are a 10 examples).

For me it all boils down to your communication goal and your message.

1) What do you want to say/achieve?

3)  Who do you want to say it to?

2) What is the best way of saying it/achieving your goal?

4) Where/what is the best communication channel to reach those you want to say it to?

If you’ve asked these questions and billboard is your best communication tool then use it. If there is another way to express your churches message then use that. Your message doesn’t have be communicated only through traditional media. Your message can also be communicated through your church actually doing something good.

There’s a novel thought. A church doing something.

How about you, what do you think? Should churches use billboard advertising or advertising in general? Comment below.