No, I’m not advocating banning all religion. I wanted to share with you a segment from a television show here in Australia called The Gruen Transfer. The show is about the inner workings of advertising mixed with a bit of comedy from the host. The panelists are usually agency staff who comment about advertising campaigns and genre’s of advertising.

The video you’ll watch is from a segment is called ‘The Pitch’ where two agencies are challenged to sell the unsellable. The shows producers think that banning all religion is unsellable. I had a very interesting interaction with them and others on the show’s Facebook page (It is a very popular page so you will need to scroll down quite a bit).

Many agencies turned this particular pitch down which is a first for the show because it is extremely popular here in Australia. They turned it down because of the controversial nature of the segment.

Here is the challenge for every Christian denomination and churches. Can we create compelling advertising the promotes Christianity? Is Christianity ‘sellable’ in the 21st Century? Should we?

Check out the pitch segment. For some of you this segment will challenge you and even be offensive. After you watch it let me know what you think about the video and my question, is Christianity ‘sellable’?

Note: This segment even got featured on Richard Dawkins site.