Below is a great info-graphic about socializing your brand. What I love about these tips are that they can be applied in almost any organisation. Profit or non-profit. It doesn’t matter. All you need to have is a desire to be a brilliant social brand. This is a great ‘in house’ tool which can serve as a starting point for developing your own best-in-class practice through creating an authentic social brand for your organisation. Here are my takeaways:

1) Listen more than you talk. Isn’t that important in any relationship? Many of the brands that listen have actually tweaked/changed what they offer because of the feedback online. (Here is a great example of how not to listen.)

2) Integrate or die. Your online presence has to reflect your brand personality not the personality of your social media gal/guy. Your online presence will also be integrated into your offline presence. How are you going at the moment? (Here is a quick guide to create your own Facebook page or a Google+ brand page in 4 simple steps if you don’t have a social presence yet).

3) Count what matters — meaningful engagement. Social media is growing at an exponential rate, however, the good brands place more emphasis on the number of contributors interacting with their brand online when measuring their social media effectiveness. They don’t merely count the number new followers.

Read the full report from Weber Shandwick.

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Source: Weber Shandwick

How would you apply this? Comment below.