We're all going on a summer holiday

Hello everyone! I’m back from my holiday blogging break where I promised myself to spend the whole month of January without blogging to focus on my family and work. In Australia the Christmas break is also the extended summer vacation break where everyone heads to the beach.

I think its paid dividends. I hope. Here are a few things that I’ve been up to during that time:

• Over the Christmas period I had the honour of preaching at Crossway Church. (Now you may know me as a marketing/communications guy, but I do really enjoying preaching. You can watch the sermon here, click on week two.)

• I went Instagram crazy on holiday. Here is a picture of the stream running next to our camp site. We camped in the only cold week in summer where it hailed.

• My communications team put the finishing touches to an interactive foyer project we launch THIS weekend on iPads. The project will help our community get connected into community and volunteer simply and easily.

• We also delivered the pilot site of FollowMe – A discipleship project. Big thanks to the team at Details Communications.

• I’ve just starting writing a few guest blog posts for Church Marketing Sucks.

• My blog branding background has also gone on holiday and not returned. It should be a rather tasty black graphic but it’s reverted to grey. Sigh.

• I’ve been thinking about what’s next. Hmm.

How about you. What have you been up to?