Session 2: Passionate Marketing

  • You can spend a lot of time getting your branding right, but if your people aren’t passionate about who they work for you are in trouble. 80% of people are dispassionate about what they do.
  • 4,000 weeks of life. What are you going to do about it? Do what you are passionate about.
  • PASS-I-ON Leaders need to leave something of yourself with others. Get clear what you are about so others can buy in.
  • What we are passionate about sometimes other people aren’t.
  • Purpose – Get your purpose clear.
  • Associations – Do you hang around with those who have similar passions? (Your goals need to align with your passions.)
  • Strength – What are you looking after yourself? How is your self-care?
  • Style – Understand the style of your team. Then engage.
  • Invest – Invest in yourself and the things you are passionate about. What is your action plan.
  • Open mind –
  • Navigate –

Understand what people are passionate about. Passion is where you spend time and your energy today.

  1. Work/career
  2. Health/body
  3. mind/learning
  4. Money/wealth
  5. Family
  6. Friends/social
  7. Spiritual/purpose

Write down your top 3 passions NOW. hmmm. mine are 7,5,6

What would you like your top 3 passions to be. How would you like to live if you have your top 3 passions to be?

What do you spend the least amount of time on?

What are your team’s passions? Learn their passion. Because their passion may not be your passion. Talk in their passion language. People operate out of their own passion and values.

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