Easter church services

Every Easter I post a list of my favourite church websites. I am a designer and a communicator and I love seeing the best intersection of the two. The best design usually come from carefully crafted brief’s from communications professionals. The websites I have selected are in my own opinion, at the top of that list. And there are some absolute crackers here.

The websites I have selected are not there just because of their design, but they are there because of their functionality. Many have a strong social media integration and also include e-invites and volunteer sign-up.  There are some websites that I have left off this list that have great functionality, but the design is weak. On others the design is brilliant, but lacks functionality.

One comment I would make is that this list is very North American centric. I did look in Australia and the United Kingdom too. I’ve love to see examples from Europe if you know of any.

But these are just my personal favourites, what are your favourites? Leave a comment why and a link to your favourite Easter website.

Elevation Church

Elevation Church Easter

I love the muted colours here and the strong slab typography. The name draws me in.


Fellowship Church

Fellowship Church

I was surprised by this pop-up on the Fellowship Church website. I don’t usually like pop-ups, but this one grabbed by attention. Again there is a good typographic feel and the colour palette is carefully considered.


James River Assembly

James River Assembly

I like the strong diagonal lines and the careful positioning of the year in this grid.


Mars Hill Church

Good Friday

Mars Hill Church Good Friday Service

Easter Sunday

Mars Hill Church Easter Sunday

It’s no surprise that Mars Hill Church have a strong masculine typographical approach. The wood cut approach works well.

Hillsong Sydney

Hillsong Church Sydney

I particularly love this video which explains more why Hillsong have chosen this symbology.


Saddleback Church

Easter is always a big deal on the Saddleback website and this year is no exception. Strong social media integration, bright primary colours and a hand drawn feel is very appealing in the Californian context the church is in.

Remember, these are just my personal favourites, what are your favourites? Leave a comment why and a link to your favourite Easter website.