Everyone comes to the point where they need to rebrand. For some it has taken some time to “discover who they really are” and realise that their brand identity doesn’t fit their existing reality. For some others, you have literally outgrown the existing brand. You have grown, entered into different areas and your brand identity just isn’t you.

Each category both need to have a compelling and convincing answer to the follow question:

Why should we rebrand?

If you don’t have an answer that is substantive then forget it. By substantive I mean that, if your answer doesn’t convince other leaders you work with then you should put your thoughts on hold. You need everyone on the same page before you start to rebrand. Rebranding can be a divisive issue if not done well, however if planned out well and with everyone pointing in the same direction it can bring a unity of purpose and mission.

Your brand is much more than your logo, the logo is simply one of your ambassadors out there in your various communication channels. Your brand is much more than the visual design architecture around your logo. You brand reaches down into the very fabric of who you are and what you stand for.

So before you start the journey down the rebranding road. Ask yourself the burning question that you need a compelling answer for.