Working in church communications is an honour and a privilege. Helping ministries and churches reach their full potential and communicate their vision or launch a new idea never gets old. In the day-to-day of being in the trenches of working in church communications it can be easy to have your head down just taking on every project that comes your way without asking probing and insightful questions.

These three questions are vital and must be answered. They help me understand the best way I can help fulfill the brief. Often I will get someone say “we need to _________” fill in the blank. It could be build a website, rebrand, design a logo, email everyone, design a flyer, start a Facebook page. In their passion people dive straight past the marketing strategy and into marketing tactics. Here are the questions I regularly ask my colleagues.

1. What has broken, or what is the problem you are trying to solve?

2. What is the goal of your communication/marketing?

3. What does your picture of success look like?

If you can answer these clearly and specifically then you are ready to help others communicate your next project the right way! Do you have a criteria that you move your partners/clients through to best answer their brief? Comment below