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The transition towards responsive design in the church web world is well and truly underway. In my recent post, ‘Why your church needs to update its website in 2013‘ I shared the reasons why you need to get moving on updating your website. I’m seeing new sites come online weekly. We are in fact in the middle of our own website redesign at Crossway Church using the responsive design philosophy. Church website design will always move with the times. This is just the latest chapter.

I’m sure that there are many more responsively designed church websites out there. If you have any ideas, or know of any, drop me a link in the comments area at the bottom of the post. Basically what you are reading here are the result of some of the research that I have been doing while developing our own website. Here are seven examples that I love. Plus a sneak peek of Crossway’s which is currently in development:

Granger Community Church

Granger Community Church Responsive Design Website

City On A Hill Church

City On A Hill Church Website Responsive Design

Mars Hill Church

marshill church website, responsive design

The Chapel

the chapel responsive design church website

Woodlands Church

Woodlands church responsive design church website

Irving Bible Church

Irving Bible Church website responsive design

Bethlehem Baptist Church

bethlehem baptist church website responsive design

Crossway Church (sneek peek)

Crossway Church Website Responsive Design

If you are still wondering what all the fuss is about read ‘Why your church needs to update its website in 2013.’

Have you seen any other examples of churches that have adopted responsive design? Please leave a comment and a link below.