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If I had a dollar for every time I am asked this question I would be a millionaire! I currently have a pile of questions about how churches can use social media from recent seminars that I ran on my desk. This was the most common question about social media and churches.

Is it about social media strategy vs tactics?

No. But I wrote about this here.

Is it about the size the optimal size of pictures for social media?

No, but you can read about that here. It’s a lovely infographic that would have taken me ages to do myself.

Is it about what kind of tactics you should be adopting on social media?

Again. No, but here is a very detailed post about 11 imaginative ways you can use social media for your church (This is one of my favourites because anyone can do this).

Are you ready for it? Here it is:

What are your guidelines around using pictures of children? 

That was by far the most commonly asked question. By a country mile.

Here are some quick thoughts:

1) If in doubt. Don’t. If you aren’t sure who the parent or guardian are, don’t use it without their express permission. If there may be a legal dispute around the child, steer clear.

2) Be smart. Choose a family that you know. They are more likely to say yes because they trust you.

3) Get permission in writing. A verbal agreement may be legally binding, but play it safe. Google Photo release form and get it checked by a legal eagle.

4) Don’t be afraid. Social media isn’t something you need to keep kids images off. Pictures of kids show that your church is alive and relevant and a great place for families. An undercurrent I picked up in my seminars was a high level of cautiousness about using it.

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