Instagram is fast becoming a great social media platform for churches. The benefits for users when compared to Facebook are obvious. It is clean, you don’t get bombarded with the noise of advertising. I personally love the new video element to it and the opportunities it is providing for churches. I post every day on it personally.

The downside for churches I think is that it isn’t as social in the sense that you can see what others are engaging with at the top layer. You actually have to search to find what people are engaging with. Which means it is harder for an audience to find your church organically through their friends which is a shame.

That aside. I love it.

It is still early days for the uptake of churches using Instagram for video. But I believe it will increase as they see the opportunities.

Here are the 8 creative ways to use Instagram video for your church:

(I’m having problems displaying the embedded videos, just click on the pictures and it will take you to them)

1. Share your music


2. Promote an upcoming sermon series (Seriously good


3. Celebrate a milestone


4. Share a quotable quote (Love this thanks Pastor Mark)


5. Go behind the scenes


6. Promote special seasonal events


7. Share a worship moment


8. Promote serving


Your turn

I feel like I’m only just scratching the surface here on how to use Instagram well for churches. Drop in some links or tips in the comments below and share the love around.