I read an interesting post today by Mark MacDonald called ‘7 Ways to Kill Your Bulletin’ on Church Marketing Sucks and felt compelled to write a follow-up post in response.

Here goes.

Printed church bulletins are much maligned and put down. In my humble opinion people don’t appreciate their value as an effective communication tool (I’ve written previously about it here and included a few tips on how to improve the bulletin.).

Your printed bulletin is a great tool to communicate to first-time visitors, like your mobile website is easy to access by people visiting your website rather than your church app. Your printed bulletin is brilliant for people who are still finding their way into your church. I know for some of you tech savvy people this feels old and slow. But as communicators we need to communicate at our audience’s pace. Not our own.

In the same way your church app is for insiders who know their way around and have found your app, your email bulletin is for those that know their way around your church and know how to take their next step to signing up for your online bulletin. Some will of course figure it out quicker than others. For many different reasons it takes time for others to catch up.

Now if you all are gathering around like kids do in the school-yard yelling ‘fight! fight! fight!’. I’m not trying to start one. As someone once said “I’m a lover, not a fighter.” Probably closer to the truth is “I’m a runner, not a fighter” (the blessing of being an introvert).

But I am a bit of a debater. When I see an opinion I disagree with (even with whom I respect greatly), I don’t back down and stay quiet.

I’m an advocate for the printed church bulletin. There is a place for it.

So before you write it off and put out a hit on it. Think again.

Your turn

What do you think? Agree, disagree? I’d love to hear what your opinion is about the humble church bulletin.