If you didn’t know, I love typography and I’m a font nerd. With my design background, I take pleasure in finding typefaces that look great and are free for my church. Fonts can be expensive. Church budgets often don’t stretch far enough to buy one family of fonts.

A common misconception is that if you find free fonts, then the quality isn’t there. Wrong. There are so many great typographers who are willing to give their work away, some will just ask you to pay what you think it is worth. Amazing. Because a font is free it doesn’t mean it sucks.

How a designer uses the font is also just as important as the font itself. There is still no substitute for bad design.

All of the fonts in this blog heading are free. But they look pretty good eh?

Here are over 250 stunningly beautiful fonts you can use for free. I know that I said 250, but too be honest I gave up counting at 250. There are way OVER that total. Enjoy!

(PS. There is a surprise at the bottom of this page for you)

Lost Type Company


At the time when I looked at this font foundry there were 59 fonts. Amazing. Some were gorgeous. Check them out here.

Font Fabric


Different but again some beautiful fonts here. Many on this site are actually paid. But there are 99 free fonts as of my browse through the site. Find out more here.

Free Typography


This website actually has over 200 free fonts. Most of them are of a very high quality. Check them out here.

The League Of Moveable Type


Not only do they have a great name (They sound like super heroes!) They have a great website and 16 free fonts. Check them out here.

Font Squirrel


Font squirrel is another great free font site. There are literally hundreds of commercial grade and hand-picked according to their Twitter bio. They even include free web fonts too. Check them out here.

Hype For Type gets an honourable mention. But in my opinion there is more of a mixture of quality of fonts on this site. Find out more here.

Oh and here is a surprise for you…

Because I love free, I’m giving away our complete archive of sermon series graphics to two people. All you have to do is:

Step 1

Tweet this “@stevefogg is giving away free sermon series graphics” include link back to this page.


Post on your Facebook feed “Steve Fogg is giving away free sermon series graphics” and link back to this page.

Step 2

Leave a comment below with your email on why you want the sermon series graphics.

The winner will be randomly blindly picked out (No peeking) and announced 5pm, Tuesday 15th March 2016 Melbourne Australia Time.

** Congrats to Jen Fay & Ginny who were nominated by the Random number generator 🙂 **

Your turn

Found any free font sites or free fonts on paid sites that you love? Or do you have any other questions about fonts, typefaces or typography? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.