Welcome to my first ever podcast. I’m so thrilled to introduce this new format on my blog. I hope as you listen to all of the upcoming episodes you will listen and learn from these amazingly talented professionals (I have some more very experienced and capable people coming up!).

I’m being very selective about who will be right for you to spend your precious time listening and learning from. They will all be practitioners with extensive experience in their field who will bring insights that will help you reach more people and create more impact (I love that phrase and borrowed it from Michael Hyatt).

My first guest is Justin Dean. Justin was the PR/Communications Director at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. What he doesn’t know about crisis communications isn’t worth knowing. Justin is now a big cheese at ‘That Church Conference’ which creates ‘Practical Digital Communications Training for Churches & Ministries. He also more recently created That Church Community which is ‘A place for the church communications community to share and collaborate online.’

The podcast is also available on iTunes so you can also subscribe there!

Show notes

That Church Conference – Find out more here (Note: affiliate link, same price for you, but my goal is that hopefully I’ll be able to go one year if enough people to register. This affiliate link isn’t to make money)

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