I’ve been using Facebook Live now for some time for my church. I also use it to a lesser degree for my personal Facebook feed. Recently I did some coaching with some church leaders in England and thought I would also give you some quick tips and ideas on how you can use it for your church.

Before we dive in read here how you can get the best out of Facebook Live here. If you are a church leader, here is the why you need to jump on board the Facebook Live train right now!

  1. Show your church service. You have enough content ideas in your service. Show some worship. Stream the sermon or communion.
  2. Go behind the scenes. Take people to places that show how your church works. Show them the real heroes like volunteers or into areas they don’t know that exists.
  3. Rehearsal. Show the fun side of rehearsals.
  4. Staff meetings. Give a behind the curtain peep at ministry life.
  5. Celebrate volunteers. Creating a volunteer culture is so important. Celebrating people is just as important. Do a short interview with a volunteer. Cover the Why, What and How they serve then thank them!
  6. Devotion. speak words of life into people’s feeds through sharing your devotional thoughts.
  7. Speak into community issues.
  8. Announcements. Minor on this, but if you have exciting news, use Facebook live to share it.
  9. Share a testimony or story.

Remember you will be live so there are NO second chances. Read this previous post on how to set yourself up for success so that you get the most out of your Facebook Live experience.

Your Turn

Do you use Facebook live for your church and want to share some advice? Do you have questions about how to use Facebook Live? Leave a comment below.