Just over two years ago I made the most important ministry decision I’ve ever made in ministry so far.

The decision was to book a time with my Senior Pastor to talk about the potential of starting a church online (I created a short video with more of the story here).

Fast forward to Easter 2017 just gone. We had 68 online services throughout the weekend with over 8,300 people watching our online Easter service from over 100 countries. With many, many people responding.


All from just one prompt. And many hours, over two years of an incredible staff and volunteer team effort to make it happen. With lots of help from church online leaders from around the world in the lead up to launch.

You may know me a church communications person who is keen on the power of utilising social media. But for the last year or so, I’ve also been a church online pastor because I saw the power of what social could do when the digital dots were joined.

If someone had told me before we started, that I would be starting a congregation and grow it to a megachurch congregation this quickly I would have said ‘dream on’. God clearly had other ideas.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you that I think that latent potential is within you. I believe that in the hearts and minds of most church media, communications people bleeds a heart that would love to help people take a step into or towards the Christian faith. It’s why we do what we do.

I’m not really anyone special. I’ve just been relentless around one idea for a few years. Using social media to help people take steps into the Christian faith.

Over the last Christmas season, I got wondering, what if I could pass this on. What if, I could share what I’ve learnt with other churches to launch and grow their church online.

I’ve created a free training video and worksheet. You can find out more here and check out more of my church online story on video here.