I’ve been searching Facebook for my favourite types of posts from churches. Here are nine of the best which I think work well.

I like them because they are engagement posts. Not announcements. People love sharing engagement style posts much more than announcements. Therefore more people outside of your church will get an insight into your church life.

One of the most common questions I get is “what types of posts should we be posting that will help us grow our reach?”. I hope these help you!

Connect your Facebook audience to your sermon

Celebrating vision and people

Facebook Live Your Sermon

A Memorable Moment From Your Service

Scripture Picture Post

I created some lovely (free) picture scripture posts you can use for your church. Check them out here.

Sunday Service Snapshot

Celebrating seasons & family: Photobooths!

We recently did a photo booth. Incredible reach into the wider community. Read more about ‘How Photo-Booths can supercharge your church’s social media.

Sermon Quote

I like this one because anyone can do this!

Ask A Question

Your Turn

Share a link in the comments to a Facebook post that you think works. Tell me why it works.