Is your church looking for some last-minute Easter branding inspiration? I’ve got your graphic designers covered.

Here are ten of the best Easter graphics I’ve found searching around the interwebs. Props and hat-tips to the creative geniuses who put in the hard work to create these beauties.

I’ve tried to categorise them into the style of creative approaches to the concepts the designers were aiming for.

1. Floral branding (Concept is about new life I think)

2. An Illustrative Approach

3. Bright Modern Liquid Approach

4. Typographical Creative Approach

5. Encapsulate Easter Weekend In One Approach

6. Thematic Creative Approach

7. Reimagination of a familar concept

8. Colour Concept

8. Leveraging Art In History Approach

9. Hipster Branding

10. Symbology Approach

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Need more help?

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Your Turn

Got some Easter graphics you want to share? Leave a comment and a link and lets see what you’ve got!