Videos have a growing role on social media. Especially for churches. The importance of tools for cutting, editing and publishing clips online is also increasing. But which video-tool is the right one for your church’s needs?

There is a wide range from beginner’s tools with intuitive handling to professional editing programs – and from mobile apps working in the cloud to desktop programs for download. The costs for these solutions also vary greatly.

In this blog post I’m going to introduce you to my top video-tools for social media marketing. I’m not going to drill down into huge detail, but I will give you a summary on the level of experience needed.

Each one of the tools does something better than others.

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a brilliant social media marketing tool. It’s simple to use. You can even interview people in other locations live. Read my blog post about Facebook Live for churches below.

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2. Twitter live video

This is a simple record and go live tool. It’s fast and easy to use and get going. I remember when video first came out and Twitter made a huge mistake and made it separate to Twitter. Huge mistake which they’ve now thankfully fixed and it’s now native to Twitter.

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2. Adobe Spark

This is a great tool that you can have on your phone or your desktop. It’s a great tool for beginners and is very simple to use. Check it out here.

3. Adobe Premiere

I use Adobe Premiere, but it is a very complex program for advanced videographers. I’d recommend it if you are experienced and want a very sophisticated level of control. Check it out here.

4. Animoto

You can create impressive videos in minutes with Animoto’s drag-and-drop video maker. No video editing experience necessary. This is great for short social media videos and if you aren’t experienced.

5. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is Instagram’s own app for the creation of time lapse videos. Its creative and lots of fun!Check it out here.

7. Typito

Typito helps by adding text to video clips which is a great option to boost your video marketing. Check it out here.

This is especially important since many users consume videos on the go with the sound turned off, e.g. on the underground. Typito offers you this option. You can upload photos and/or videos, add subtitles and music and post the result directly to Facebook or YouTube in a landscape or portrait format. The trial version is free, the professional version will cost you money. 

8. Screenflow

I used Screenflow for my Facebook ads for churches course. It’s great for teaching and sharing screens. It has lots of options and you can still show your face as your present.

Its super easy to use and I even use it when I do social media teaching videos for online conferences like this.  So you can use it for your social media as well. It has a super simple interface to edit videos with. Check it out here.

Why is video so important?

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Your Turn

Do you use any video tools to create videos for social media and have some more suggestions? Got questions about these video tools? Leave a comment below.