It’s been a full on year. Churches around the world have undergone a massive digital transformation. Church Online has well and truely arrived.

As we move into a COVID-normal life digital communication channels have become a mission critical channel for many churches.

I’m seeing different churches from different countries struggle through this season. With the fluid environment of churches meeting, then not meeting it’s become clear churches have to find every means available to cut through digitally with their messages.

Text messaging is one smart tactic I’m seeing churches use to communicate. While bulk SMS services have been available for some time there are now much improved integration with their Church Management System available.

This means that you can centralise who you communicate to and when. And it’s easier to see the history of the communications with a person. Which has been in the past a huge gap in the functionality.

I believe digital transformation starts with effective integration of the RIGHT tools to achieve your goals. 

Especially when it come to connecting with first time guests, providing pastoral care and simply getting urgent messages through to the right audiences quickly. 

The exceptional stat I’ve seen with text messaging is that it’s open rate is VERY high which means your message gets to the right person at the right time.

The team at have let me know about a great offer they have for those of you who want to check out a messaging service. You can get get 2,500 FREE text messages added to your account for getting started.

You can get started with Messaging TODAY for only $5/month. A great way to test it out to see if you want to use it longer term. 

If you sign up before the end of September, they will add 2,500 ADDITIONAL TEXT MESSAGES to your account.