The No. 1 Challenge Churches Face On Social Media


I read a quote today and it really provoked me. It was a conversation in a Facebook group I’m a part of. My good friend Daniel Irmler said…

…”We no longer live in the information age but in the attention age.” The thought was information is no longer in demand but getting people to actually pay attention to you and your product is what’s most valuable.

What Daniel says is true. We are all being swamped with messages. Online in social media, and offline as well. In our commute time, at our workplaces, our leisure time, family time.

We are simply getting bombarded with messages every single minute of every single day. Getting someone’s attention is just so darn hard to get!

For churches on social media, that means we have to work even harder (and smarter) for our message to rise above the noise in people’s social media feeds. So how do we rise above the noise in the feeds? Here are three quick ideas.

Idea #1: Tell better stories. Your church should be full of them. Find them. Video, photograph, write them down. Retell them.

Idea #2: Don’t just do announcements. I’m not interested in your bake sale.

Idea #3: Create content your followers are proud to share. Need ideas for this? What kind of content do you usually share? Start there.

Idea #4: Share the Bible. It’s timeless and timely.

Just being on social media isn’t enough anymore. We’ve got to be able to cut through the noise in a way we’ve never done before.

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