church communications director

I often wonder what other Communications Director’s work days look like. From chatting with a few of you they all seem different. Every Communications Director who serves in a church seems to have a different strength which helps shape their week. I thought I would share what my last week looked like.


  • Heads of Department meet early for coffee to connect and catch up about what happening around the church.
  • Meet with my videographer to plan and project upcoming Video News and other video projects.
  • Prepare and email out ‘Going Deeper’ resource that is distributed to all of our Church to take Sunday into their week.
  • Make some small updates to our website wireframing that I’ve put together.
  • Finalise a project proposal for our next iteration of the church website.
  • Contact a vendor with questions about their proposal.
  • Make alterations to a draft of our next ‘Welcome’ brochure and email them back to the designer.
  • Not have enough coffee.
  • Respond to emails.


  • Late in, it’s my birthday!
  • Meet with our Christmas production producer to talk PR and video promotion, branding and social media strategy.
  • Weekly preachers team meeting to review the last week and plan ahead with a view for series branding.
  • Weekly Tuesday planning team meeting to review last weeks service and upcoming services.
  • Write a blog post on 3 Insightful Questions You Need To Answer Before You Start Your Next Project
  • Create a graphic for our Facebook page.
  • Schedule work and write brief for my graphic designer for a new sermon series.


  • Spend some time working through some strategy with my PR person.
  • Design a Facebook picture post.
  • Work through some issues with our awesome IT team.
  • Sit down with my communications team for a very brief morning coffee and talk about life and work.
  • Talk to my web developer about some potential way forward for the next iteration of our website.
  • Have lunch with a para-church ministry leader who is also a client.
  • Meet with our Missional Communities Pastor to help understand his requirements and needs for 2013.
  • Respond to emails.
  • Find out Disney just bought Star Wars out. Oh no. Who’s next? LOTR?


  • Contribute to Church Communication Labs Flickr page.
  • Design a Facebook picture post.
  • Celebrate the birthday of one my design team.
  • Discuss wireframes and content strategy for our website with a ministry partner.
  • Meet with another ministry partner to help them achieve their goals.
  • Ghost write an article for a member of staff.
  • Discuss some technical issues about video content for our 2012 Christmas Appeal with a colleague.
  • Prepare brief for graphic designers.
  • Interact with our way-finding system designers on some production queries.
  • Write a blog post Why Promoted Facebook Page Posts Are A Smart Social Tactic.


  • Give feedback on the Church Communication Labs Flickr page.
  • Sit down with the weekend preacher and run through their message with them.
  • Reviewing Christmas Production graphics with graphic designer.
  • Catch up lunch with Communications Directors of two other churches in Melbourne
  • Review Christmas marketing collateral.
  • Clearing up emails.
  • Brief designers.
  • Off early for a long weekend of camping!

If you are a Communications Director for a church or non-profit I’d love to know what your week looks like! Comment below.