Instagram has been both a joy, but also a massive frustration for anyone who manages social media on this mobile only channel (hint, it’s not mobile only anymore!).

But I woke up to great news. Instagram is now allowing businesses to schedule posts.

Every social media manager is now doing a happy dance around their office!

If you have a business account which most businesses, non-profits/charities have, then you will more than likely see the difference pretty quickly.

In fact the update is also available on Hootsuite (read here) and Sprout Social (Read here).

Read the official announcement here.

It will mean the imminent demise of great organisations like I wrote about here “6 Vital Tools For Scheduling Your Social Media.” Many of these scheduling tools are still relevant and will save you heaps of time on other social media channels.

Depending on where you are in the world, the update will no doubt roll out at different times. But think about all that time you can now take back.

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