I’m privileged of having lots of conversations with people serving in various church comms and charity roles. There are many common issue I hear they are facing.

But one issue is consistent across everyone. The stress is real. And most people face it. No matter if they are a paid staff member, or volunteer. 

I face it too. 

It usually expresses itself in different ways but with an overarching theme.

“Steve, I have issues getting enough content created.”

“I have issues with consistency creating content across our channels.”

“We have a lack of content A team of ONE doing it all.”

“I’m doing everything myself.”

“I neither have the time and I lack knowledge.”

All of these issues are centred around the theme of time. Many are in part time roles, and they are always overstretched and under-resourced. Especially when it comes to social media. Is this you?

How to overcome the challenge of:

Lack of content – I know there is a real struggle here especially on social media. But there are many different ways you can create content. And not just average content. But content that will help you reach more people. Read 10 Types Of Facebook Posts That Will Massively Increase Your Reach.

It may be that you are a younger church that has more content on Instagram. Here are 16 Of The Best Easter Instagram Posts By Churches.

Time and a consistency – creating content across our channels – consistency comes with organisation. You can map out a whole months social media on a calendar. It doesn’t take long. And you will save time. Check out this free social media calendar template I created in google docs

I’m doing everything myself – I get that this can be a struggle. Just because you do everything yourself doesn’t mean you have to create everything yourself. Check out Sunday Social for example. They create beautiful social graphics for churches.

Or download my free social media graphics. I even just created more some from last weekend as it was memorial day in the USA. Check them out here.

Your Turn

What are the issues you face? I’d love to help you. Comment below. Or you may have other ideas on how to help those who are quoted above. Comment below!