Have you ever struggled to stay on top of your weekly deliverables? Or struggled to keep track of which key messages are the most important this week? If you are like me, its easy to get pushed and pulled into all kinds of different meetings and competing priorities.

I’ve created a weekly church communications calendar template designed for especially churches like yours that will help you get super focused and stay on message.

If you have never used a communications calendar then get ready to have your world transformed.

It will allow you to focus on what you actually need to deliver. Rather than be distracted by seemingly important, but not urgent tasks.

The Church Communications Calendar Template is great, but you need to learn about how to manage each channel well. I’ve included some tips there too. The template covers the follow channels but you can add others:

• Video/Platform Announcements (Read blog post here to learn more)
• Bulletins
• Emails (Read blog post here to learn more about email)
• Social Media (Read blog post here to learn more social media)
• Digital Signage (Read blog post here to learn more about signage)

If you need to know WHY it’s so important, check out a post I wrote a few years back 7 Reasons Why Your Church Needs A Communications Schedule.

I’ve created the template in Google Drive. You Can plan up to four weeks ahead from the get go. If you want to add more weeks, just add a new tab.

All you need to do is click ‘file’ and make a copy then you have your own version!

Check out my church communications calendar template here.

Can I Ask A Favour?

I’d love to get this church communications calendar template out to as many churches as possible. Would you be able to share it on your social feeds or in any Facebook groups that you are allowed to share in?